measurement lab

High School students at Viola are subject to rigorous lab safety instruction that starts in 7th grade.

By the time the seniors get to Physics, it's sink or swim time.  They were tossed into the lab the first day of school and told it was a "Practical Lab Safety Test."  While they engineered rockets out of matches, not a single one had to be reminded to tie back hair or put on safety goggles. (AJ had the best rocket, but hid in every picture)

After three days of Safety Training and a Lab Safety test, the Chemistry students got in on the action.  They enjoyed learning to light and adjust the Bunsen Burners and conducted a few experiments to determine the hottest part of the flame, something they will need to know for the rest of the year.

Finally, the 9th grade got in on the action this week.  They had week-long safety lessons, a Lab Safety Test, and some lessons and practice on measurement and accuracy before being tossed into the lab.  Look how careful they are being:

Overall, it looks like science is off to a great start this year.  Let's keep up the enthusiasm and learn stuff together!