State Required Information

Current Comprehensive Financial Data Reports

The information and data in these sections is the actual data for the two previous school years (or more) and the projected budget data for the current school year.

A. Revenue

Local and state revenue sources.
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B. Salary and Benefits Expenditures

Administrator and teacher salary and benefit expenditure data from the last 3 years. 
Also, includes other salary and benefits data.
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C. District Balances (m)

School district balances, including legal balances and building fund balances.
Data shown is for the current year (when available) and the preceding two years.
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D. Board Minutes

Minutes of regular and special meetings of the school district board of directors.
Minutes from meetings of the current and two preceding school years of the Viola Public School District Board of Directors are posted after being approved.
(Example: Minutes from meetings held in May will be posted after the regular June meeting.)
Additional minutes, or recent minutes that have not been posted yet, can be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent (458-4001).

Regular meetings are normally held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. If rescheduled, the new date will be posted in the Events section of the Viola District website.

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E. District Budget

Viola School District's budget for the ensuing year, published each Spring in The NEWS.
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F. Monthly Expenses

A financial breakdown of monthly expenses for the current and two preceding school years of the Viola Public School District
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G. Salary Schedules

Salary schedules for all school district employes, including extended contract and supplementary pay amounts.
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H. Contract Information

Current contract information for all school district employees. Social security numbers, telephone numbers, personal addresses, or signatures shall not be published.
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I. Annual Budget

Recent annual budgets of the Viola School District 
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J. Annual Statisical Report

The annual school district statistical reports.
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K. Annual School Performance Report

District / School Report Cards
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Viola School District Plan for Use of ARP ESSER Funds - March 2023

Teacher and Administrator Recruitment and Retention Plan for Viola School District - 2023