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School District Superintendents –

                 The Consumer Protection Division of the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office wants to make you aware of a scam that hurts schools and their athletic programs by targeting generous local businesses.  Our office has received concerning reports of an out-of-state company that dupes local businesses into paying hundreds of dollars for sports merchandise, t-shirts, and athletic event items such as banners and cups, by telling businesses that the money helps support their local teams.  In truth, the school districts do not want or need the merchandise and receive no financial benefit at all. The only person benefiting is the marketing company. 

                 This predatory marketing scheme negatively impacts legitimate business support for local schools, their booster clubs, and charitable giving in general.  In addition, it does not appear that this company properly licenses the district’s logos.  These unsolicited items are often delivered directly to the Athletic Director or simply addressed to the “Cheer Coach” or someone similar.  If your school district, athletic program, or local business has been subjected to this scam or something similar, please contact our office.

                You may email me or our investigator,, visit the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection page to file a complaint at  or reach out to our office with any questions or concerns.


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