Home School and Private School Course Offerings

Home School and Private School students who reside in the Viola School District, or who have transferred legally to the Viola School District, will be allowed to enroll in Digital Learning Academy (DLA) online courses for which the student meets all prerequisites.  There will be no charge for the course(s). 
These same students will also be allowed to enroll in academic courses offered on campus, as long as the Home School or Private School student's enrollment in the course will not require the District to hire additional staff, the student meets all prerequisites, and the student attends the course at the same time it is offered to other students on campus, enrolling during the first 10 days of the semester.   There will be no charge for the course(s).

Checkout the Digital Learning Academy flyer below. 
Interested families can contact:
John May - Viola Superintendent - johnm@viola.ncsc.k12.ar.us  (870)-458-4001
Joie Ketcham - APSRC Online Contact - jketcham@apsrc.net   (501)492-4300

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