4 Day Calendar 2022-23 (Tuesday - Friday)

August 8-10                          Staff development & prep time to work in classrooms

August 9                               Elementary Open House-6pm / Seventh Grade & New Student Orientation-6:30pm

August 11                             First Day of School (Thursday)

September 9 (Friday)             Progress Reports/Parent-Teacher Conferences – 2 to 6pm

October 7 (Friday)                 1st Quarter Ends (34 days)

October 14 (Friday)               Report Cards

October 19                            Annual Public Meeting – 6 pm

November 4 (Friday)             Progress Reports

November 22-25                   SCHOOL CLOSED for Thanksgiving Break

December 16                         First Semester Tests

December 16                         2nd Quarter Ends (36 days / 70 semester days)

December 20-December 30    SCHOOL CLOSED for Christmas Break

January 3                              Second Semester Begins

January 6 (Friday)                 Report Cards

February 3 (Friday)               Progress Reports / Parent-Teacher Conferences – 2 to 6pm

March 10                              3rd Quarter Ends (40 days)

March 17 (Friday)                 Report Cards

March 21-24                         SCHOOL CLOSED for Spring Break

April 7                                  SCHOOL CLOSED for Good Friday (makeup day)

April 14 (Friday)                   Progress Reports

May 18                                 2nd Semester Tests

May 18                                 4th Quarter Ends (34 days / 74 semester days / 144 Total Days)

May 19                                 Last Day for Teachers / Grades Due

May 26                                 Alumni Homecoming


Any days cancelled for inclement weather will be made up in the order listed below (if available).         

Day 1 ---- use Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI packets or virtual classes) if approved by ADE/DESE

Day 2 -------- Snow day

Day 3 -– use Alternative Methods of Instruction if approved by ADE/DESE

Day 4 -------- Makeup ½ day on Good Friday (April 7)

Days 5 and on -- 1st 2 days missed each week – use Alternative Methods of Instruction if approved by ADE/DESE

                       3rd day missed in a week – Makeup on the following Monday

                       4th day missed in a week – Makeup by adding a day to the end of the school year, prior to Memorial Day.


When above options are not available, the school board will consider other options, including attending during Spring Break (March 25th, 24th, 23rd, then 22nd) and applying for an attendance waiver or additional AMI days from ADE/DESE.